Updated 8/22/2016

I only got 2 bales from the second cutting of orchard grass. I still need 200 round bales to get through this winter. Or I am going to buy hay!

I went to see Mom Sunday. Took some ginger snaps along. Celia took some peach slab pie (which was really good!)

I cut some gamma grass Monday. Supposed to have a stretch of dry weather. Won’t be as much as the first time, but I need some hay. Still have the blue stem to cut and bale, and I still have the crabgrass to cut and bale. We have gotten some good rain on it. It is a little late for cutting the gamma and bluestem but I need hay. The crabgrass is an annual so it can be cut later.

Celia canned some pumpkin to use later. See photo.

I made some French bread too. See photo.


french bread.JPG