Is beef processed on site?

We do not process on site. That requires a licensed facility. It took several years to find a processor who would handle longhorns, cut the meat the way we wanted, heavy duty shrink wrap and USDA label.

The processed beef is available for your inspection.

 Do you accept credit cards?

Sorry, we don't have the means to do credit cards. We are a small company and accept checks or cash.

 Is the ground beef lean? 

The ground beef is 90%+ lean. Longhorn beef is substantially leaner than beef found in stores or fast food places. Even premium restaurants serve aged or heavily fat meat, to make it tender and juicy.

Our beef, when prepared properly, is more flavorful, tender and juicy. This is added to the fact that grass fed Longhorn is healthier than commercially available food. We do feed them out in a corral for 2 months to increase marbling and reduce toughness. Our beef is processed at @ 24 months of age. This matures the beef, adds flavor and yet ensures tenderness.

How big is a half?

A processed half beef will easily fit into a vehicle. It is pre-frozen to 0 degrees and will stay frozen for well over 1 hour. We recommend coolers if you think the travel time or ambient temperature might be an issue. The meat is boxed into @ 2 cubic feet per box and is usually @ 4-6 boxes.

How long is the beef usually stored?

Our average storage time is pretty short, usually a couple of months maximum. With heavy duty shrink wrapping and 0 degree storage, the freezer life is about 1 year. Beef is kept in a commercial stainless steel upright freezer.

 How much does a half beef cost?

Costs for a half are $3 per pound hanging weight, which usually comes to less than $1,000. Beef purchases are tax exempt (at least for now). This price includes processing, cutting, heavy duty shrink wrap and freezing.

 Are other cuts available?

We grind marginal beef into ground beef, such as round steaks, brisket, etc, though we have had requests for some of those cuts left as steaks. Pre-ordering a half allows a customer to order cuts that may be readily available. If you have questions about the different cuts, please ask. We do offer some other processed meat on occasion, such as beef dogs and chipped beef. 

Are halves readily available?

We do have some beef in stock, but halves are subject to selling pressure. We tend to pre-sell a lot, with many returning customers. We do require a deposit and will tell you then when your beef will be available.

Do we ship beef?

Sorry, but we do not ship beef. We have tried other beef that was shipped and weren't impressed with the product. We pride our beef on its quality and shipping adds a concern beyond our control. Freshness can be compromised by the delays that may occur. Anything that might affect that is something we strive to avoid. Many of our customers are word of mouth and repeats. That is only possible through great products. If you can, please come by, you won't be disappointed. We do take orders and hold them for customer pick-up. Not all cuts are always available.